Liikuntamaisteri 1-2

Exercise Ace 1-2

Would you like your children to be more active with training basic motor skills?

With Exercise Ace you can achieve more physical activity among children.

Possible challenges that a child can have:

  • Daily activities are low.
  • Motor skills needs to improve.
  • Not much to do at school breaks nor at home.
  • Daily activities with family are low.

How does the Exercise Ace increase physical activities?
Exercise Ace has been developed to use as a part of physical education classes at school. Tasks are also suitable during breaks at school. Exercise Ace fundamental skill tracks can be used also at home. You can give the tracks as a homework too.

How does the Exercise Ace help children to develop their fundamental skills?
The tasks in the book have been developed to improve the basic motor skills which includes balance, agility and equipment handling skills. The child will advance in skills and will have experiences in success by practicing the tasks.

Where the Exercise Ace tasks can be done?
All of the tasks are suitable to perform in home envinonment. Some of the tasks can be done in the physical education class or during the break.

With whom the Exercise Ace tasks are suitable to perform?
About one half is intented to perform independently and the other half is to be done together with a friend. Tasks with a friend can be performed with parents or siblings too, or within the teachers guidance.