Liikuntamaisteri 3-4

Exercise Ace 3-4

The goal of Exercise Ace is simple: to help the children to grow towards an active way of life. To some, it may be as simple as walking the dog and to others, playing with friends. Equally, everyone needs a movement!

To support the childrens progress in growth, we developed the Exercise Ace following these main themes:

1. Initiative and teamwork

Nothing is better than working together with a group of classmates or with a friend.
Most of our lives, we operate as a part of different groups and we need other people around us. We are confronted with things that we can not fully prepare. Therefore, we need to have practice on making decisions, settling with rules, or even going out of the door.

2. Creativity and different environments
There are almost infinite number of different ways to be on the move and you must find the style that suits you the best. You can participate in many way too. Somebody wants to arrange a race, the other wants to take part in the contest and the third wants to write a report about it. A good race might be found in between the mailbox and home. By going to different places we take interest on new things and we keep on learning.

3. Autonomy and inclusion
The real motivation can not be created if you cannot choose and affect the things you are performing. One must learn to do their own decicions. We need to practice that, too.

Tasks are suitable for P.E. classes and breaks, as well as in the child's home and leisure. Who else can say it better than those who have already tried the Exercise Ace:

Teacher telling why the kids are exited about the Exercise Ace:
”The tasks are nice, all of them has a litte bit of Exercise Ace hidden in.
The child has a strong package, which he can examine and implement.”
Parent from home:
”The tasks are very usable in the home environment. Minusta tehtävät ovat erittäin käyttökelpoisia tehtäväksi. With this book I can work with my child together at home."
The teacher's encouragement:
"I challenge all teachers to familiarize themselves with this brilliant book! No need to be a top athlete to inspire children to take the book and perform these nice and laid back tasks. "
The sports expert:
"The book worked perfectly as a P.E. lesson content.
It combines across the curriculum content and subject areas.
Smart solutions!"